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What Is A Flexible Sigmoidoscopy?

Feb 24

An endoscopic treatment called a flexible sigmoidoscopy allows your doctor to inspect your rectum and lower colon. A sigmoidoscope is a specialized endoscope that your doctor uses to see the region. It is a thin, flexible illuminated tube with a camera at the tip.

The process is identical to that of a colonoscopy, except that the sigmoidoscope does not go as far. Flexible sigmoidoscopy is a procedure that takes around 10 to 20 minutes and can be done in your doctor's office.


Why is Flexible Sigmoidoscopy Performed?

Flexible sigmoidoscopy is a painless technique with few side effects. It may be suggested by your doctor in order to assess:

  • Pain in the abdomen
  • Rectal bleeding is a common problem
  • Bowel habits have shifted
  • Diarrhea that persists
  • Other gastrointestinal issues

Flexible sigmoidoscopy may also be used to screen for colon cancer by your doctor.


What to Expect with Flexible Sigmoidoscopy

You will need to follow a clear liquid diet and have an enema before to the treatment to guarantee a safe and comprehensive process. Your digestive tract will be clear, and your doctor will have a nice view of you. Your doctor will provide you with detailed preparation instructions, including which prescription drugs are safe to use.

You stay awake and lie on your left side during a flexible sigmoidoscopy. In most cases, no sedative is required. Your physician will:

  • Through the rectum, past the anus, and into the large intestine, insert the lubricated sigmoidoscope.
  • To increase vision, blow some air into your intestines; you may feel some cramping or pressure as a result.
  • On a neighboring monitor, examine the photographs.
  • Possibly use biopsy forceps to extract a tiny sample of tissue for further investigation through the scope.

Your doctor will share the results with you after the operation. You can return home the following day and resume your normal routines.