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Mar 2

Healthy Habits You Can Add (Easily!) Add these healthy habits to your daily routine

It's fall! It's fall! This is the time that kids return to school. Many of us feel the need to revise, refine, or return to our daily, weekly, or monthly routines. The power and importance of routine have been the focus of much attention in recent years. Routines make it easier to take fewer decisions (and make fewer detours). You will be more productive, happier, healthier, and/or happier every day if you have fewer decisions to make. Healthy habits are key to reaping the maximum benefits of this strategy. Although they may seem small at first, these little things will add up over time to provide great benefits.

Here are 20 healthy habits that will help you get started. You can choose one or two habits at a time, and then add them to your daily routine. Add another one or two to your routine once they are automatic. Although the changes you make may seem small, they will add up over time to a lifestyle overhaul that benefits your body, mind, and spirit.

  1. Get up early. Research has shown that the early bird is always the best.

  2. Eat breakfast. Say goodbye to your partner, children, or dog before you go.

  3. Spend some time with gratitude.

  4. Each week, choose one pose. This can help you to stay flexible and centered. It's also a great way for your body to move.

  5. You could feel more alert and better performing if you take a 30-minute sleep.

  6. Save the hard stuff for last when making your "to-do" list for work. You will get more done in a day.

  7. Get water. It can help support healthy organ function and tissue function, reduce caloric intake and give your skin a beautiful glow.

  8. Make it a habit to stretch every afternoon. It will improve your energy and mobility.

  9. You can schedule self-care such as monthly massage Fountain Hills. These massages are good for your mind, body, and emotional well-being. Schedule now.

  10. Skip afternoon coffee, and opt for tea instead! It's healthier for your body, and it will boost your energy levels!

  11. Even if you only have a few minutes, take the time to go outside. Recap your day. You can use a planner, a diary, or talk to someone you care about to help you plan the next day.

  12. You should read for at least 30 minutes. It can lower stress levels and improve memory.

  13. Hot baths should be taken at least 2 hours before you go to bed. Studies show that it can improve your sleeping quality.

  14. Get off your screens at least 20 minutes before you go to bed. You will sleep better

  15. Meditate. You can meditate by listening to guided meditations or simply taking a few minutes to clear your mind. 

  16. Sleep only You won't be able to sleep if you bring your hobbies, work, or reading material into bed.


It's easy to pick a new habit, but it can be difficult to keep it. We recommend that you build accountability into your new routines by keeping track of your new habits in an organizer, sharing your goal with someone, and using a wearable exercise tracker to remind you if you forget. Even if you forget, it's not a problem. You can forgive yourself, and you can take care of it once you remember. Or you could set an alarm to remind you the next day. Although it takes time, common wisdom says that if you repeat a habit for at least 30 days, it will become automatic. You can then add a healthy habit to your life.



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